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We at Whiteteeth.ie want to give you a smile that you can be confident about.  That is why we actively research a range of different products and ways for you to get the best home-dental experience. We offer whitestrips and other oral care products. In the past we primarily sold Crest Whitestrips but now we have diversified into selling our GleamWhite brand. Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our customers. We put great stock in your trust and support, and we really value our relationships with you! 

What makes us different?

It's plain to see when you look at our homepage that we have taken the time to research the best oral hygiene practices and products for you. Just take a look at our many blog articles and you will find a range of different topics, including everything from natural toothpastes, to all you need to know about fluoride, and even how to stay naturally beautiful without makeup

Now, why do we include all of these articles in our website? The simple answer is; because we care about our customers! We pride ourselves in being conscientious and we care about your wellbeing. Indeed, we do not just see ourselves as sellers, but rather, we see ourselves as educators in the arena of oral and personal care. This, we believe, is what makes us unique :)

Blog Categories

tooth color

Tooth colour and nutrition

Certain foods have a negative effect on your tooth colour. Find out how discoloration develops and how you can treat it.

white teeth at home

Teeth Whitening

Do you want white teeth? Do you doubt whether the remedies that you can use at home really work or are safe? How do you choose the right product? We are happy to help you on your way.

oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Some habits are very bad for your teeth. This can range from improper brushing to habits that result in bad breath. Discover more!

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Excellent service...very fast and efficent..very happy with products

testimonial GleamWhite

Have seen this product on instagram and decided to try when on special. I think normal price is €69 and was on sale for €49. They give a guarantee so I thought it will try without risking my money.

It was actually very easy to use and I saw results after the first session - which I was amazed. I finished the treatment and am happy with the results.

gleamwhite review

Worked so well, and friends still ask how my teeth could be so white!

Thanks again

testimonial GleamWhite