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Whitestrips that work

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GleamWhite Whitestrips -NEW!

GleamWhite is truly enamel-safe. It avoids the use of Hydrogen Peroxide as its main active ingredient. Instead, GleamWhite uses an alternative painless active ingredient that is both gentle on enamel while remaining tough against stains. And with its new and improved 2020 formula our product is more effective now than it has ever been.


A full treatment can lift your tooth whiteness by 3 to 5 shades. The package boasts a simple yet clever shade guide, which allows our customers to see its whitening power for themselves. The results last up to 12 months; most impressive for an enamel friendly teeth whitener!

Full treatment: 14 bags / 28 strips + shade guide

  • GleamWhite's story in short...

    The idea to develop our very own non-peroxide brand of whitestrips was born after I had trailed a very popular brand of whitestrips.

    Admittedly, the whitening power of these peroxide based whitestrips was impressive. However, after only the second day of treatment I found that my teeth were becoming quite sensitive (I’m usually not one to suffer from sensitive teeth!). 

    And so, my colleague and I decided to delve into this matter a little further. Perhaps, we worried, this tooth sensitivity causes enamel damage. Next, we found out something startling, and that was that whitening products which contain more than 0.1%, peroxide are banned in Europe! This was quite alarming to say the least, especially when you consider that some of most popular treatments on the market were easily surpassing 15%!  

     Well, I guess that explains the sensitive teeth then!  

    That of course was our ‘Eureka’ moment. Surely, we thought, surely there must be a safe and effective alternative to peroxide-based whitening treatments.  

    And that was how our dream was born. That was the day when we at  Whiteteeth.ie, decided to develop our very own brand of peroxide-free Whitestrips. Of course, we also wanted to keep that famous peroxide power of some of the ‘bigger brands’ but this time we were determined to make it pain-free!

    You see, we simply felt it our duty to give our customers an option to go peroxide-free. We yearned to breath new life into the world of whitestrips and looked forward to the day when our customers could enjoy a painless and yet effective treatment.  

    Finally, and after much painstaking work, GleamWhite was born – a painless birth we’d like to add! And just in case you are concerned about its credentials - don’t be, because GleamWhite has been tested in an FDA accredited laboratory, so we have the science to back up our claims. The results are impressive.

    But that’s enough of us talking because we prefer to leave our product talk for us. As they say: “a picture is better than a thousand words” 

     – And so is a smile.

    satisfaction guarantee
    • Improved 2020 formula
    • Results up to 12 months
    • Comes with a shade guide
    • Removes stains
    • Treatment takes 7 or 14 days (1 or 2 times a day)
    • Only 30 minutes a day

    ‘Developed by lab-experts’ 

    Our journey started back in 2018. Our goal was to bring the best teeth whitening products into peoples' homes, and away from the inconvenience of dental clinics.

    Ever since then we have expanded and improved, amassing over 7000 happy customers in doing so.

     Whether you are a bride seeking that once-in-a-lifetime smile or you simply desire a bright and beautiful smile, we are here to help! So say NO to stains and discolouration and lift your confidence with the smile you deserve!

    What our customers say

    I am so happy with my purchase of the gleam strips. I normally use the crest but because these are not on the market anymore I came across whiteteeth.ie. I contacted Sarah the girl on the messenger and she was so so helpful. I ordered my strips and they got deleivered within 5 days. I will certainly be back to purchase more. Day 2 of my strips and I can already see my teeth getting whiter. These guys are awesome people and I wish you all the very best with your business.
    A very happy customer

    Lisa Barber

    I have always had extremely sensitive teeth and have struggled using teeth whitening products. GleamWhite was super easy on my teeth and i noticed a huge change within just a few days. I can't stress how much this has helped my confidence with showing my teeth while smiling. Thank you!

    review GleamWhite


    **Review time**

    So the last couple of weeks I have been using Gleam whitening strips. Two clear strips you pop on half an hour, I did it every night before going asleep. Nice subtle whiteness added to my teeth. If using these strips the tip is consistency. Overall I'm happy with the results I achieved!

    Ciara Dempsey review GleamWhite whitestrips

    Ciara Dempsey

          "Comfortable with stained or ‘yellow teeth’?           

           A GleamWhite smile is within your reach          

          And although many don’t complain        

           It’s easier to smile than bear the shame"         

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