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Teeth Whitening Pen or Whitening Strips
06 augustus 2021 

Teeth Whitening Pen or Whitening Strips

“If I had a whiter smile, I would never stop smiling.”

Well, we all have been there, and thankfully, over-the-counter at-home teeth bleaching systems have made it feasible for us. Now the dilemma is how and what to choose from a multitude of tooth lightening products. A teeth whitening pen and strips seem to be the popular choices among the masses.

After looking into the results and reviews, we concluded that whitestrips are more beneficial. We’ll let you know why, but first, let’s check out their individual uses and the difference between them.

The Difference between A Teeth Whitening Pen and Strips

A whitening pen is portable, with thin tubes that contain bleaching gel inside them. This gel supports bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These agents remove stains and compounds that cause discolouration.

You paint a layer of this gel onto the surface of your teeth to enhance their brightness. Then, according to the instructions, you apply the gel once or twice a day and leave it on for a few minutes.

On the other hand, whitestrips work when the gel is pressed onto your teeth. This gel contains active bleaching agents and ingredients that lighten the shade of your teeth. You have to apply these discreet strips once a day for 2-3 weeks. The results start showing relatively slower than pens.

The Downside of A Teeth Whitening Pen

You must have seen gobsmacking pre and post-use transformation pictures on the Internet and felt envious. Well, the rumours are true. These pens can actually deliver instant results, even after first use. Moreover, this system stands out the most among the customers because of its relatively affordable rates and straightforward application.

But there is a catch. In fact, there are quite a few:

  • Most whitening pens contain the active whitening agent hydrogen peroxide, which can be harmful to enamel.
  • There are a few restrictions regarding the use of hydrogen peroxide. In the European Union, the over-the-counter sale of products that contain this ingredient is banned. Only professional dentists have the exception to own the items containing 0.1-6.0%.
  • The results can be short-lived; there is no guarantee of durable brightness.
  • Whiteness effects depend on the density of stains and discolouration. A teeth whitening pen can’t possibly remove the stubborn stains that have sat on your teeth for years.
  • Although the application method through the brush applicator is pretty easy, it is hard to reach the end corner teeth. It doesn’t seem to be an issue for people who use this product for the last-minute touch-up, but it is still a thing to consider.
  • The gel dislodges pretty quickly, even before creating a bleaching effect.

Why Whitestrips are better than pens

A bleaching product works wonders when the bleaching agent is directly in touch with the item. The no-slip grip design of strips prevents them from shifting and therefore keeps them in place. As a result, your teeth get better treatment than pens, where the gel keeps dislodging.

Now, there are a couple of reasons why strips are the winner of this tournament, according to us:

  • Whitening strips can treat both extrinsic and intrinsic stains.
  • Some well-reputed brands claim to cure the discolouration caused by smoking, drinking, ageing, and genetics – even years old, annoying stains. Hence, we can say this love affair won’t be short-lived like it happens with pens.
  • Various peroxide-free brands in the market don’t promote oxidizing substances. So, instead of peroxide-based formulas, you can get alternate strips with enamel-friendly, low sensitivity and all-natural ingredients like sodium bicarbonate.

A lot of people have complained of mild tooth sensitivity and gum irritation after using strips. But, this discomfort is usually temporary and begins to decrease after a few days.

teeth whitenign pens

Final Wrap Up

In conclusion, teeth whitening strips are better than whitening pens. Pens don’t guarantee long-lasting bleaching effects, and neither do they treat severe discolouration. On the other hand, the process may be a tad bit slower, but the formula is more effective in whitening strips.

Besides, you also need to be careful about teeth whitening pens having peroxide in them. They can be harmful to your precious teeth.

Furthermore, please note that these products might help you restore your white smile, but they are not a substitute for professional dental treatment. If you want A+ oral care assistance, visit your nearest dentist’s office. After all, it is never too late.

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