The Best Teeth Whitening Kit in 2021
The Best Teeth Whitening Kit in 2021
29 juni 2021 

The Best Teeth Whitening Kit in 2021

White teeth never go out of style.

Of course, it is easy to light up the room with your sexy confidence when you have a white smile. Unfortunately, some meals become a cause of discoloured teeth, and some of us can’t afford to fix that. Fortunately, Teeth Whitening Kits have made it convenient and easy to remove stains from your teeth.

We took a deep dive into research and have pulled out three Best Teeth Whitening Kits. You will see GleamWhite gracing the first seat on the list because of its top-tier quality and user experience.

We believe that the Snow Teeth Kit is also an excellent choice to enjoy instant, glorious results.

Then, there is the Whites Beaconsfield Kit in all its glory as an entirely natural package.

With a whitening agent and light therapy, it has become easier than ever to get whiter teeth at home and at wallet-friendly rates.

How and Why We Picked These Kits

Hydrogen-peroxide-containing whitening systems are pretty acceptable in the market outside the EU but forbidden within it. One can’t deny the bleaching powers of these kits, but they can cause sensitivity issues.

With this article, our goal is to introduce the audience to peroxide-free products. You can check out the other factors below that influenced our selection.

  1. Way of Use and Treatment Time

Since it is an at-home dental whitening treatment, we were not looking for something too complicated. Instead, we picked applications that are easy to use so you can apply them without needing anyone’s help.  Plus, you should also check out the recommended duration of using the product. Companies mention the usage time on their product pages and how long before you should start expecting to see results. If you want whiter teeth on an urgent basis, go for a kit that promises to deliver rapid results.

  1. Ingredients

Research has shown that chemical ingredients like hydrogen peroxide in whitening products can be dangerous for the deep layers of teeth. According to UK law, 0.1 – 6.0% of hydrogen peroxide is legal to infuse. Avoid using more than this amount as it may cause side effects like enamel damage and teeth sensitivity. We have chosen brands that promote non-peroxide properties and incorporate natural elements.

Fortunately, numerous young brands are coming to the market with all-natural and chemical-free formulas to boost your mouth health. Always go through the gel formula and list of ingredients before placing an order.

  1. Brand Reputation & Medical Approval

Our team always stresses the importance of verifying a brand’s reputation. Needless to say, a company’s reputation is primarily identified by its customers. So we have prioritized the brands with satisfied customer bases and happy user experiences. Plus, all of these companies have legal approvals by British dentists, and they are safe to use on your teeth.

Best Teeth Whitening Kits – Our Top Picks

Check out the complete reviews to know the entire scene and stay ahead of the game in 2021:

  1. GleamWhite Whitestrips – Premium Teeth Whitening Strips

We are thrilled to review this product because of its impressive results. It is an enamel-safe, peroxide-free and easy-to-use application. It supports a 14-day plan, so you have to apply these strips to your teeth daily. Leave them for half an hour and follow this routine for two weeks.

The package comes with:

  • 28 strips for a 14-day treatment
  • A shade guide

The main goal of this brand is to bring a product that gives you an enticing smile without damaging your oral health. Unlike numerous bleaching systems brimming with chemical substances, it integrates an alternative active element that effectively polishes your teeth without triggering any side effects. As a result, it is safe for your oral wellbeing in the long run.


  • 3-5 shades whiter
  • Non-peroxide
  • Enamel-safe
  • No sensitivity
  • Hassle-free application
  • Upgraded formula with powerful properties to combat stains


  • It is a myth that leaving strips on for extended periods will speed up the whitening procedure. Therefore, please refrain from doing that and remove them after the recommended time limit.
  1. Snow Teeth Whitening Kit – (Outside EU Only)

Now you can be productive while scrolling through your social media apps as the Snow teeth kit can be directly attached to Android, Apple and USB devices. It is a brilliant kit that includes:

  • Three bleaching wands
  • One additional strength bleaching wand
  • Accelerating LED mouthpiece
  • Professional 3D shade guide

It is mandatory to brush your teeth before the treatment. It comes with a comfortable mouthpiece and whitening wands that contain 6-10% of serum. These wands actively serve to fight against everyday annoying stains. Plus, the extra-strength wand boasts 12-18% of serum to eliminate long-term stains.

If you want to give an instant makeover to your teeth for an upcoming event, this product is perfect for you. You can trust it before your graduation ceremony, bridal shower, or wedding event to show off your shiny teeth in the photos.


  • Innovative technology
  • Gentle flavoured gel
  • Practical and convenient design
  • An all-round product providing good value for money


  • For adults only
  • Requires full-fledged commitment to show visible, fruitful results
  1. Whites Beaconsfield Teeth Whitening Kit – All Natural

This kit is comprised of all-natural ingredients and ensures a pain-free treatment. In addition, unlike many teeth whitening systems, it promotes a non-peroxide bleaching agent that enhances brightening procedures without causing any harmful side effects.

The package includes:

  • 6x3ML gel
  • 1×5 LED light
  • Four thermoforming mouth trays
  • Shade guide
  • An instruction manual

It is a good solution for people who want to get their teeth back to the original colour or even lighter. This bleaching system promises to brighten your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. Its formula provides supreme outcomes in six applications. It is high performance, easy to use, and natural. To sum it all, this product is an all-rounder that offers good value for your money.

Although there are not many teeth sensitivity complaints after its usage, it is better to seek medical advice before buying it if you suffer from any dental issues.


  • Easy to use
  • No sensitivity or pain post-treatment
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Enamel friendly


  • Not the best product for sensitive gums

Best Teeth Whitening Kits Buying Guide – What Should You Look for Before Buying?

best whitening kit

Although at-home dental bleaching treatment is an outstanding alternative to expensive professional dentists services, it is still crucial to consider some factors before buying:

Seek Medical Advice

A little bit of dentist‘s advice never hurts anyone.

Seeing before and after treatment photos and dramatic transformations on the internet makes it look pretty tempting. However, it is imperative to know that many bleaching packages contain chemicals that can have side effects on your teeth.

Always consult your dentist, especially if you have gum issues, sensitive teeth, any serious medical condition or haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. A dental expert will help you best in choosing an item fitting your needs.

Apart from asking your dentist, you should also look at the brand’s composition, application method, and reviews.


Remember folks! Even with affordable bleaching procedures available, dental visits are expensive, so it is crucial to stay mindful of your diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene. Reduce excessive sugar intake, alcohol, tea and coffee from your life, and anything that causes teeth discolouration. Please note the fact that these whitening procedures are only beneficial for people with yellowish teeth. Those with severe discolouration and dental problems are advised to contact a professional dentist for treatment.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kit in 2021 ~ Download in PDF

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