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5 January 2019 

Do teeth whitening products actually work?

Many people want a whiter smile. Fortunately, dentists are willing to sell us their services to make our teeth shine that little bit more. However, this is rarely a cheap process and often involves going into the practice more often than is convenient. For many of the specialized services offered by dentists, it makes sense for it to cost both time and money. These processes are often complicated and expensive for the dentist to administer. However, considering the range of teeth whitening products available, it seems as though people are managing without their dentist’s help. If teeth whitening products can be applied safely, easily and cheaply at home, costly and time-consuming trips to the dentist aren’t necessary. However, we first need to know whether these products are any good.

Do they work?

Well, like any other product, it depends on where you buy it. It is true that teeth whitening products can have risks associated with them. In fact, some can be dangerous. For example, some products used in some places around the world will bleach your teeth white and damage your tooth enamel in the process. If you buy unverified products from totally unregulated markets, then you’re taking a significant risk putting this material in your mouth. Believe me, these products not just working is the least of your worries if they damage your teeth and gums!

The great news is that safe professional teeth whitening products do exist and they work! Teeth whitening products sourced from and traded legally within the EU are bound by EU regulations and therefore are completely safe. Additionally, advertisers are bound by EU legislation on what claims they can and cannot make. If you live in the US, then you can rely on the ADA (American Dental Association) and check that any product that you’re buying is ADA approved. For Europe, you’ll find the FDA label. So, if you’re buying a reputable product from a reputable buyer, the product does what it says on the tin.

Do it yourself

To put it simply, good quality products will work. Interestingly, it is illegal for anyone who is not a dentist to perform or offer teeth whitening services to other people! However, compared to employing the services of a dentist you can save a lot of money by whitening your own teeth at home.

While some products are superior to others, the most complicated step is not in working out which product is best, but which product is best for you. Teeth are certainly not a “one size fits all” business, and teeth whiteners are no exception. For example, teeth whitening products will not work on fillings, so, if you have a problem with the way that your fillings look, you’re going to need to find a specialized service to address this. If you’re looking for a product that removes surface stains, you’ll want to avoid products that bleach your teeth whiter. However, if you’re looking for products that change the color of your actual teeth, then you’re not going to be satisfied with a product that simply removes surface stains.

However, whether you want a quick-acting product or a long-lasting result, you will be able to find a product that best meets your needs.

So, what products are available?

Well, strips are a very popular choice for obvious reasons. They’re easy to use, convenient and long-lasting. They’re also versatile. A particularly popular brand of a flexible strip is Crest 3D Whitestrips with Light. This product guarantees whiter teeth for up to 36 months if all 10 strips are used correctly. For a small investment of your time, merely one hour a day it guarantees noticeably whiter teeth. It is particularly effective because it molds around the teeth of the individual using it. Whitestrips contain either a hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel, which bleaches both surface surfaces stains, and stains deeply ingrained in your teeth. In fact, each individual strip fits so well once it has molded to the particular shape that you can talk and even drink water whilst it is fixed in place.

Are Whitestrips the only way to whiten your teeth?

No, Whitestrips are not the only way to achieve whiter teeth, although they may be the best.  Another way to achieve whiter teeth is through the use of teeth whitening trays. However, unlike strips, they are not a great way to whiten your teeth from home. As each person’s teeth are unique to them, it’s almost impossible to mass-produce trays that fit your teeth properly. Therefore, the trays that come with the whitening solution often do not fit around your teeth properly. A lot of the solution ends up spilling out and being wasted. For a tray to fit properly they need to be custom made. This means that your teeth need to be measured by a professional dentist with the correct equipment. So, whilst whitening your teeth at home is a fairly hassle-free process, trays aren’t a good home whitening solution.

What about toothpaste?

A much more effective and convenient method is to use teeth whitening toothpaste. It may seem obvious to suggest brushing your teeth as a way of keeping them white, but some brushing is better than others. Some toothpaste, such as Crest 3D White Brilliance, are specially formulated not only to clean your teeth but also to remove stains as well. This means that the longer that you use this toothpaste, the whiter your teeth will become. Although you might expect less dramatic changes from this method, customers tell us that it produces noticeable changes within weeks! With less hassle this option allows you to significantly whiten your teeth without changing your routine. It’s also effective if used in combination with Whitestrips!

So, yes, teeth whitening products definitely work and they’re easy to use. It’s a great way to save time and money. However, it is important to choose wisely and do your research so that you get the product that suits you!



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