Natural Toothpastes - Are They Worth it? -
Natural Toothpastes - Are They Worth it?
08 februari 2019 

Natural Toothpastes - Are They Worth it?

When it comes to maintaining dental health, there should never have to be a compromise. A typical commercial toothpaste is stuffed with chemicals, detergents, additives and even sweeteners, but there are other alternatives that can be just as effective too. For some people, natural toothpastes are a preferred option. Natural toothpastes are even becoming a staple for many people, and there is a good reason for that. Your gums absorb any ingredient that comes into contact with your mouth, meaning it suffuses into the body through the mouth.

All this simply means the health of gums is directly proportionate to overall physical health, so it’s imperative you keep them healthy. Commercial toothpastes are great at keeping the gums, teeth and mouth healthy, but many a user has attested to how natural toothpastes are just as potent too.

You have many alternatives at maintaining dental health then. Which of the alternatives you choose is more a matter of choice and less a matter of effectiveness.

Admittedly, commercial toothpastes are more popular around the world, so if you’re unfamiliar with natural toothpaste and unsure of what if offers, there a number of brands you could try your hand at using. Each is formed with ingredients that keep your teeth perpetually clean, healthy and sparkling white. Reviive is one such example.

Natural Toothpastes

Natural toothpaste may not be the most recent innovation in the sphere of dental health, but its effectiveness cannot be overemphasized. It is more utilitarian than many people realize. Natural toothpaste, among other things, has the unique ability to clean teeth while also feeling very gentle and pleasant on the teeth and gums.

The natural toothpaste market is a very broad one and there is much competition, but it’s really a matter of preference and quality. We all have individual preferences, so finding out which works best for you is really the only challenge here.

Let’s take the Reviive as a template and give you an idea of what to expect when using a natural toothpaste. Just like most natural toothpaste, Reviive is dubbed as being “naturally simple” but there is nothing simple about the way it tackles toxins. It thoroughly cleans teeth and keeps gums healthy using naturally-mild ingredients or abrasives like hydrated silica and calcium carbonate; what’s more, this toothpaste was manufactured without fluoride and sodium lauryl, so you are assured healthier and stronger teeth with each use.

But aren’t commercial toothpastes filled with chemicals that see to clean and healthy teeth too? So why choose a natural toothpaste? The simple answer is, it will deliver exactly what you expect and then some, but feels gentler on the teeth. If you still need reasons as to why a natural toothpaste can be a great alternative, simply have a read below.

Simple but Great Taste

The first reason may not have much to do with how healthy your teeth are but it’s nonetheless important. This because it determines how comfortable you feel when using the toothpaste.

People underestimate just how significant the taste of any natural toothpaste is, because it goes a long way in motivating you to keep your teeth clean. You will have very little reason to keep brushing with toothpaste that’s unpleasant, won’t you?

Most natural toothpastes have no artificial flavors-since flavors can cause allergies-but that’s not to say it’s unpleasant and tasteless. The presence of xylitol remarkably improves the taste, and the peppermint essential oil helps too, keeping your breath very fresh.

The Perfect Blend of the Right Ingredients

As effective as certain ingredients or detergents are, regardless whether they are chemical or natural, they can also exert adverse effects on your teeth. Chemicals like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) can do exactly this, which is why natural toothpastes, such as Reviive, only have ingredients like sorbitol, hydrated silica and glycerin, all of which are nontoxic.

Hydrated silica, in particular, is very effective at cleaning teeth gently, which of course only adds more comfort for you.

Fighting Tooth Decay is Prime

The most important point of using a natural toothpaste is to fight decay. Fluoride is the staple ingredient used for this. Research has proven that xylitol is another ingredient that is just as effective – if not more.

The xylitol in natural toothpaste not just fights decay, it also reverses the initial stages of cavity, because it strengthens the enamel-outer layer of teeth (remineralizing). Studies show that as much as 60% of tooth decay can be reduced by xylitol. Prevention of dry mouth is another one of its features. It does this by increasing the amount of saliva in your mouth.

Natural toothpastes were made to eliminate bacteria in your mouth without recourse to chemicals, which can be as harmful as they are effective. They use natural herbs to give your mouth that fresh breath and great feeling; and with no harsh, artificial bleaching agents, you are assured a substance that is always gentle on your teeth.

Making Natural Toothpaste

There are a myriad of reasons why making your own natural toothpaste is more than a good idea.  Look at it from this perspective: you can buy and consume organic foods without thinking twice. Why? Because you understand and appreciate their value in terms of how healthy they can make you.

The same applies to natural toothpaste. They contain certain ingredients that can even rival what you see in commercial toothpastes. Making your own – if done right – will provide you with an alternate means of keeping your teeth refreshed and healthy.

The best part of a natural toothpaste is the fact its free of toxic ingredients like triclosan and titanium dioxide. Most of the ingredients you utilize to make the toothpaste will be sourced from nature.

When it comes the ingredients to use, there are a particular few that are essential. Coconut oil is one of them. It has properties that prevent candida (yeast-like fungi) and even boosts microbiome in the gut. We want to point out that coconut oil should never be used as a replacement though, merely a supplement.

Baking soda is another potent ingredient, particularly because of its alkalinity. Its primary purpose is to eliminate the acids which plague our teeth because of the food we eat. And it does this without being abrasive to teeth.

Your gums, teeth and the mouth in general are all very necessary in maintaining overall health. Investing in natural toothpastes is a great way to make sure you always stay in good health. If you haven’t given such toothpastes a try, it’s never too late. And if you’re unsure of which one to try, Reviive is just a click away.

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