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How to use Whitestrips?
15 augustus 2019 

How to use Whitestrips?

So, you’ve finally decided to start using Whitestrips. That’s great! It’s about time you jumped onto the teeth whitening bandwagon.

That’s all fine and good, but do you know how to apply Whitestrips? They are, after all, health products, so knowing how to properly apply them is crucial to how effective they are on your teeth. If you don’t use them as you should, you won’t get the desired results.

Here’s what will be done: Outlined below will be instructions on how to apply Whitestrips and tips on how to make the most of them. All set? Alright, let’s get to it then!

How to Apply Whitestrips

The best part about applying Whitestrips is how easy they are. It only takes 3 steps to get them onto your teeth and let them do their magic.

Step 1: Dry & Prepare Your Teeth

First thing’s first, you have to make sure your teeth are ready for the Whitestrips. Dry your teeth because you don’t want ANYTHING on them. Make sure your teeth are clean but don’t brush them. We repeat, DO NOT BRUSH YOUR TEETH before applying Whitestrips.

The simple reason is that not brushing your teeth means they won’t suffer any irritation from toothpaste once you apply the whitening gel of the Whitestrips to them. You can floss, but little else other than that.

Step 2: Peel & Apply

This is the exciting part. Pick up your pack of Whitestrips and take them out of the plastic packing. Look at the side attached to the plastic bag. Do you see the whitening gel? That’s what you’ll apply to your teeth. There are two strips for you to use: The longer and shorter strip.

Take the longer strip and apply the gel side of it to your top teeth, right along the gum line. Press down on the strip and seal it onto your teeth, then fold the rest of it behind your teeth, making sure it’s firm but comfortable. Do the same thing with the shorter strip but this time, apply it to your lower teeth.

How long should you leave the Whitestrips on? Well, that depends on the type of strips you have purchased and you will find those instructions on the package. As a general rule, you’re supposed to leave them for a time period ranging between 5 to 60 minutes.

Step 3: Take Out the Strips

Once you’ve worn the strips for the given time duration, simply peel the Whitestrips off your teeth and discard them. Remember, you can’t apply the same strips more than once.

It won’t be amiss to brush your teeth 30 minutes after you remove the strips. Though this is not a necessity, it is advised because it helps get rid of any whitening gel that could still be on your teeth.

And you’re done! That’s it. That’s all it takes to use Whitestrips!

Whitestrips & Simple Ways to Whiten Teeth

Whitestrips are fine and great, but to really make the most out of them, you have to buffer them up with something a little extra; nothing expensive nor tasking, but rather simple things you can do that better your dental health. Refer to the tips below:

  • Change is Good – No one is going to fault you for using a particular brand of toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrush, but why not make kick it up a notch and replace them with products that further help whiten teeth?

Whitening toothbrushes, whitening toothpaste, and rinses are easily accessible to you via the internet. They not only help in gradual whitening but rather they also help get rid of surface stains.

  • Keep Teeth Healthy – Whitestrips are great but they can only do their job if your teeth are clean and healthy in the first place. Don’t be hasty in using Whitestrips. Make sure you don’t have any loose dental work or unfilled cavities or cracks in your teeth.

These can complicate matters for you, so it’s best to make sure you keep them all in check before using Whitestrips.

Well, there you have it. The 3 simple steps you need to know to use Whitestrips, simple yet so effective they are guaranteed to make your smile dazzle! A quick recap on how to use Whitestrips: Just peel, apply, and show off your teeth. Doesn’t get any easier than that, don’t you think?

How to use Whitestrips? – Download in PDF

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