How to know if your Crest Whitestrips are Real? -
How to Know if Your Crest Whitestrips are Real
30 mei 2019 

How to Know if Your Crest Whitestrips are Real

Over the past decade, teeth whitening has taken on an entirely different meaning. No longer does it strictly entail a visit to the dentist for professional treatments. People now have the means to personally take care of their teeth and keep their health in check.

A simple toothbrush will always be a staple part of a dental care kit. The same goes for toothpaste. But innovation and creativity are changing dental care. There are now more ways to keep your teeth white, clean, and healthy.

Popularity of Whitestrips

Perhaps the most successful of these innovations has been Whitestrips. These simple yet remarkably effective over-the-counter products have become part and parcel of dental care.

It’s easy to see why Whitestrips have become so popular and effective. Basically, they can be used in place of professional teeth whitening services, and so, numerous countries are adopting them in their dental health care schemes.

Oral-B and Crest are two non-EU dental care industry giants flying the flag for the Whitestrips revolution. The simple truth is, if you intend to buy Whitestrips, then your best options lie with these two companies. But if you really want to go with what customers have unanimously attested to as being “the best,” then set your sights on Crest Whitestrips.

However, if you live within the EU, it’s important to know that Crest Whitestrips are no longer available to buy. They have been removed from the market due to their content of hydrogen peroxide being over the permitted European level of 6%.

For this reason, your best option within the EU is GleamWhite Whitestrips. They are one of the best alternatives available on the market. Medically tested and proven, GleamWhite Whitestrips are FDA and CE-approved and are the safest and most effective teeth-whitening option available in Europe.

Choose Wisely

Crest Whitestrips are not just effective; they have been the in-thing for quite some time now. They deserve all the rave reviews they get, but as with anything else that has great success, there are a number of fake copies out there.

These imitations promise to deliver the same results as genuine products, but they fail miserably. Be very wary of these fakes because they can do more harm than good.

Some of them cost as much as the real Crest Whitestrips, but they lack quality and durability. Some can even damage your teeth and gums!

So how do you spot these fakes? It can be quite a challenge because Crest Whitestrips are not sold in shops. You can only find them online, so you don’t have the advantage of looking at them or feeling the quality of the packaging in your hands to ascertain their authenticity. This means you have to be able to spot fake ones straight from the website selling them.

And think about this: if people continue to buy them, it means these copies must be truly convincing. Otherwise, there is little sense in purchasing them. Why buy something that you clearly know won’t give you the desired results?

Thankfully, you can easily spot the copies, but only if you know what to look out for. There are minute details that set apart the fake from the original.

Fortunately, GleamWhite Whitestrips are also very easy to recognise with clear branding and high-quality packaging. They are available to buy through and each box contains 14 treatments.

Factors to Consider


Always be mindful of the packaging and design of any Whitestrips you buy.

Crest Whitestrips have a  dark blue and white colour scheme, and this is true for the numerous types of strips available (Crest 3D Classic VividCrest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects, etc.). If there are any variations, they will be very slight. You will always see the Crest logo with the trademark red letter “C” at the front of the package, and it’s always bigger than all the other letters.

real whitestrips

On the reverse side of the pack, you will see the country of manufacture printed out in a box that’s white in colour. The real ones originate from the USA. Any other country you see means the product is not authentic.

If you pick up a pack of Crest Whitestrips and see that it differs from what’s written above in any way, it’s simply a very good imitation product. Even if the pack has the Crest logo, it’s still just a copy and not worth the price, regardless of how cheap or otherwise it is.

Further proof of packaging authenticity is in the size and measurement of the bags. Original Crest Whitestrips’ bags are shiny and have uniform measurements of about 10 x 5cm. Plus, the Whitestrips are packed in pairs (1 upper and 1 lower strip).

Main Color of Text

With the exception of the red trademark C, the rest of the text on the packaging is written in white or dark blue. The one part of the text that stands out the most is the serial number. It runs on one side of the pack and is written in black. If you purchase a pack with the text printed differently to this, then chances are it’s a fake.

Another very important thing you need to pay attention to is the text which highlights the manufacturer. The original Crest Whitestrips are owned by Procter & Gamble, so you must see their name written there. If not, you can be certain that the product in your hands is not what you think it is.

Price of Products

There is a batch of Crest Whitestrips out there that are considerably cheap. These are fake, imported Whitestrips from China. None of them have anything to do with Procter & Gamble. Crest Whitestrips go for about €44 minimum for a full treatment, depending on which type of strips you use.

Having said that, no pack of Crest Whitestrips should be sold around the range of 10 to 20 euro or so. They are affordable, but not that cheap. Such suspiciously low prices are a clear indication that the Whitestrips were not made to the genuine Crest standard of quality.


Well, there you have it. Many people around the world understand and appreciate what a great, untapped resource Crest Whitestrips are. This is especially true considering that they are a fantastic, affordable alternative to costly dental procedures. Of course, the reality is that there are companies out there who know this. They do their best to sell you fake Crest Whitestrips at less than half the price of the original product – or sometimes even less! Many of these companies have seen success at the expense of both your dental health and your wallet.

So, next time you want to purchase Crest Whitestrips, take time out to really examine the product. Be sure you see all the signs that prove it’s an original, or you could end up with ruined teeth instead of a bright, beautiful smile.

Remember that if you’re living in the EU, your safest, best, and most effective alternative to Crest Whitestrips is GleamWhite Whitestrips. They totally avoid using hydrogen peroxide, so they are legal to buy and are ideal for people who have sensitive teeth. GleamWhite Whitestrips are perfect for convenient, at-home use, and they’re also a really affordable option.

So no matter where you live, you can order a fantastic, top-quality teeth whitening product that can use in the comfort of your own home. Crest and GleamWhite Whitestrips will leave you with a dazzling smile and beaming with confidence!

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on 27 Mar 2020

I just came across this and found it very helpful. Please could I know your thoughts on the website I used their crest 3D whitening strips for the 20 days they recommend, but through it my teeth have become very sensitive, translucent and gums are now in a bad condition. I am very worried these are fake, but only bought them because of the good reviews so I had some trust. Upon research though I noticed on their website that their head office is in China, when it says UK teeth whitening as their company I thought it was a UK based company. Any advise or help would be appreciated.



on 17 Apr 2020

I tried asking where they were being dispatched from. Despite 3 different replies they skirted the question every time. I became a nuisance so they refunded my debit card

Fran Bliss

Fran Bliss

on 20 Apr 2020

Then they are fake - will review on Trust PIlot and let others know not to order from them.

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