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10 Things You Must Have On Your Wedding Day Planner
15 februari 2021 

10 Things You Must Have On Your Wedding Day Planner

There is always immense pressure to ensure that everything is perfect on your wedding day. Despite all of your best efforts, something might go wrong. But don’t worry! To help you avoid any stressful situations, we have put together a list of 10 important wedding preparations that are often overlooked in all the excitement. In addition to all your other significant jobs, we recommend that you add these to your Wedding Day Planner so you know you’ve got everything covered and can relax.

1) Check food allergies in advance

It’s your wedding day, but it is essential to make sure that all the special and important people who have come to celebrate with you are comfortable and catered for. You don’t want your wedding to be remembered because the guests went home hungry! When sending out RSVPs for the wedding, include a section asking the guests if they are vegetarian, vegan, or have allergies. This way, you can avoid unnecessary inconveniences in advance, and everyone involved in your big day will be satisfied.

2) Speak to vendors about payments, tips, and overtime

We all know that weddings aren’t cheap, and money can cause a lot of stress. The last thing you need is to be worrying about it on the big day, so make sure you discuss the details of payments and tips with vendors in advance and take it into account for your vendor budget. Also, it’s an excellent idea to talk to them about the possibility of overtime; it is always better to be prepared for all situations. Work out all the details you can think of ahead of time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

3) Delegate tasks

On your big day, you will be extremely busy making sure everything is going as planned, but it is crucial that you don’t keep every task as your sole responsibility. Delegation is your friend, although we know it can be challenging to hand things over after you’ve invested so much time and energy into planning everything.

Assign someone (usually the Maid of Honour or Best Man) to act as a point person who can look into the details of things. They should be the person handling the vendors and checklist, leaving you to concentrate on saying your vows and enjoying the best day of your life!

4) Arrange a hair and make-up trial

Speak to your hairstylist and make-up artist about doing a trial run at least a week before your wedding day, so it is clear that they know what you want, and you know that they can make it to the venue on time. Another reason this is a great idea is because you may have a style in mind, and you find that it won’t work with your type of hair or starts to drop out after 30 minutes, so you need a re-think. A trial run gives you peace of mind because you know exactly how you’re going to look, and it’s great fun too! If you’re getting married in Ireland, make sure you check out weddingAvocado, as they provide a wide range of excellent make-up artists and hairstylists

10 things you must have on your wedding day planner

5) Whiten your teeth

Wedding photographs are one of the most crucial elements of your entire wedding day. You may have the photographer with you from first thing in the morning while you are getting dressed, throughout the day, through the ceremony, cutting the cake, and into the evening for the first dance. Playful pictures with everyone smiling and laughing can make your wedding more charming and memorable, and the images will last forever.

But, every photo of you could be ruined if the yellowness of your teeth clashes with the pure, bright white colour of your dress! This would be such a shame, which is why we strongly suggest that you take care of this issue well in advance. Visit your dentist at least two months before your wedding date in case you need any veneers or crowns. If the only dental problem you face is the dull colour of your teeth, then great, you can go for GleamWhite Whitestrips! They truly work wonders in a short amount of time, making your teeth up to 3 to 5 shades whiter and with zero sensitivity issues.

Your smile on your wedding day is going to mean a lot to you and everyone. But happiness is not the only thing that smiles are limited to: there are many practical reasons for being conscious of your teeth. However, a little extra effort can go a long way to making you feel confident on your big day, and it is totally worth it. To make the most of your smile, consider teeth whitening solutions and, for that perfect bridal smile, we recommend using GleamWhite Whitestrips to achieve the best results.

6) Research your venue 

When it comes to venues, we know that most couples focus more on the seating arrangements than considering other important details. Before you jump into seating everyone, you need to know how your venue will affect you and your guests. What you learn about the venue might influence your seating plan, so save yourself some time and stress by doing a bit of homework first.

Check out things such as:

  • If they have access for people with disabilities (wheelchair ramps, wide doorframes, etc.)
  • The maximum number of people they can accommodate
  • Extra guest policy
  • Fire safety policy and procedures
  • Policy on flower arrangements (do they provide them, or do you need to?)
  • Liability policies in case of damage or injury

Knowing all these details in advance will prepare you for every circumstance that may arise, and you will already have a contingency plan in mind should you need one.

7) Pack your overnight bag

Before you leave your house on the wedding day, make sure you have an overnight bag ready and packed with all your essentials. It is natural to overlook small things like a charger or hairbrush, but you’d be amazed at how significant an impact not having these items can have on your big day if you forget them. Honestly, you don’t need the additional stress of trying to borrow or buy something you can’t live without!

It might help to prepare a checklist in advance; then, your point person can make sure your bag is packed with all your essential items before you head to the venue. Don’t forget to include toiletries, OTC medicines, makeup, some energy bars, your PJs, lingerie, and hair accessories on this checklist. It is also a good idea to pack extra clothes just in case – be ready for anything!

8) Take extra shoes 

Keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes handy just in case you want a change (my wife went through 3 pairs at our wedding, so we are speaking from experience!). They don’t have to be as pretty as your primary pair, but they do have to cushion your feet and support your legs, as you will be stood up for long periods. You don’t want to spend your evening reception sat down or be barefoot because your feet hurt. Comfortable shoes will keep you smiling all day – and night.”

9) Make sure the photographer knows what you want

Photographers are very busy on your wedding day too. They have one of the most important jobs of all: capturing the magic of your dream wedding. To make sure things stay magical, speak to the photographer in advance about the kind of images you want (natural, posed, groups, individuals, humorous, etc.). Let them know which guests you want them to concentrate more on. It has happened at weddings that the photographer focused on and took photos of the wrong families, so let them know in advance who is in your family and your future husband’s family to make sure you have more pictures of your loved ones.

10) Know where the bathroom is

You will do a lot of running around on your wedding day and will probably have been rushing about for a few weeks in the lead-up to it. You would be surprised how often brides and grooms are seen running through the venue looking for a bathroom, so make sure you know where your nearest one is at all times: you may be in various places during your special day, or it may be that your venue has more than one. Before stepping out to walk down the aisle, make sure you take advantage of a bathroom break. Take a glance in the mirror for one last check to ensure everything is perfect, and then go and say “I do” to the love of your life!


And there you have it: ten minor details that can save or spoil your wedding day, so make sure you put them on your Wedding Day Planner. With these tips in mind, you will be ready to deal with any inconvenience that can come back to bite people because they forgot to prepare for it.

Now that you’re all set, sit back and enjoy your wedding day. It is one of the most important days of your life, and you should spend it focused on making the best memories, surrounded by your loved ones. It truly is a precious gift – let go of any stress, relax and absorb every tiny detail of this incredible experience!



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